Richard Lublin's Resume

See his many accomplishments as a lawyer and an actor

It would be difficult to sum up Richard K. Lublin’s life on a single sheet of paper. After all, we’re talking about a man who attended some of this country’s most prestigious universities; founded a law firm and was a practicing lawyer for over 30 years; then started a second career as an actor, appearing in notable films and popular TV shows. But here it is.

You can download a PDF of Richard’s resume here or check out his LinkedIn profile here:


Avon, CT 06001
Ph: 860-677-5432
Fax: 860-676-9696
Born: Hartford, CT October 15,1939

Education: B.A., Duke University, 1961. J.D., Cornell Law School, 1964


Professional Acting Experience, 1995-present


1995: “Mall walker” on Married With Children. In his first role, Richard was walking back and forth in front of the store and looking in the window. The camera focused on him for a few seconds.

1996: Three scenes on Unhappily Everafter.  In one scene, Richard was the center of attraction. The camera focused on him as the featured part of the joke.

1997: Emergency room doctor “Vincent Pellitier” on Chicago Hope. Richard was in six scenes and was seen examining patients in the emergency room, writing on charts at the nurses' desk and performing other doctor functions.  

1998: “Attorney” on The Practice. Richard was an attorney in the bar, talking with other attorneys. Then he played the court clerk sitting in front of the judge during the trial.

“Cardiologist” on Chicago Hope. Richard was in two scenes, viewing charts with other doctors and then having lunch with them.  Richard also appeared as a “Trauma Surgeon” in several other episodes of Chicago Hope.

“Attorney” on Ally McBeal. Richard appeared in three courtroom scenes.  

1999: Featured role as a “Judge” on Law and Order. Richard appeared in the big final courtroom scenes. He says, “It felt good to be on the other side of the bench.”

2004: Richard appeared on Frazier. Richard was in a coffee shop scene with his TV wife, chatting it up in the background.

2009: “New York Fire Chief” on Rescue Me. Richard had multiple speaking lines, directing firefighters at an emergency scene and appearing with series creator and star Dennis Leary, comedian Lenny Clark and Broadway/film/TV actor Jerry Adler.

2011: Richard landed a role in HBO"s biggest new shows for the fall of 2011 called LUCK. It is about the horse racing business and stars Dustin Hoffman; Nick Nolte and Dennis Farina.

1998: Well, almost. Richard was offered the part of a bail bondsman in A Very Bad Thing by the director, Peter Berg, but was unable to do it because of a personal commitment.

2008: “Mourner” in Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead. Richard had lines with Albert Finney, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke.




Attorney, 1964-1996. General Practice specializing in all types of litigation in State and Federal Courts.

Admitted to Ohio Bar in 1964 and Connecticut Bar in 1965.

Admitted to practice before U.S District Court, District of Connecticut 1969; U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida 1975; and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit 1975.

Founding partner of a prestigious law firm; 22 attorneys; offices in East Harford and Avon, CT.

Cases of Note
State of Connecticut vs. the Dartmouth Plan. Richard was the lead counsel representing The Dartmouth Plan, and was pitted against Joe Lieberman, then Connecticut’s Attorney General.

Involuntary bankruptcy action against Colonial Realty. In the Colonial case, Richard was a lawyer on the legal team that represented the interests of the financial institutions.

Other legal experience:
Served as Assistant Corporation Counsel, Town of East Hartford, Connecticut, 1969

Member of the East Hartford Public Health Commission 1969

Chairman, Connecticut Wage Board, 1974

Alternate to Connecticut Board of Arbitration and Mediation, 1974

Member of Connecticut State Board of Pardons 1974-1977 and Chairman 1976-1977

Chairman Hartford County Bar Association Ethics Committee 1986-1991

Member of Board of Directors of Hartford County Bar Association 1986-1991

Member of Board of Directors of American Red Cross, Hartford County, 1987-1989.