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Richard Lublin: Educator & Advocate of Higher Education

His involvement includes the Richard K. Lublin Teaching Award at Duke University, scholarships and more.

Special Announcement: Duke alumnus Richard Lublin encourages nationwide endowment of teaching scholarships


Richard Lublin has been recognizing undergraduate teaching excellence at Duke with the endowment of teaching awards for more than 20 years and is encouraging others to do the same nationwide. A Duke alumnus and philanthropist, Richard Lublin is the donor of one of Duke University’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences four endowed distinguished teaching awards.


According to Lublin, "an endowed teaching scholarship can mean the difference between a college professor launching a research project or new program and having to shelve the idea until they find the funding to make it possible.”


When you look at Richard Lublin’s background, it comes as no surprise that he is passionately involved in supporting and furthering higher education. After all, Richard attended two very highly regarded universities: Duke, where he earned his B.A., and Cornell Law School, where he received his J.D.


Duke University plays an important role in Richard’s life. He was a guest lecturer in law at Duke from 1990-1995. He founded the Richard K. Lublin Teaching Award at Duke University in 1993, which awards a substantial prize annually to a professor for their “ability to engender genuine intellectual excitement, ability to engender curiosity, knowledge of their field, and the ability to communicate that knowledge.” One of the more interesting aspects of the award is that the student body votes on the recipient. Richard was a member of the Advisory Board of Trustees at Duke University from 1988-1994, and has also been chairman of the Duke University Admissions Interviewing Committee for Hartford County for 14 years.


What’s more, the Richard K. Lublin Scholarship fund at Duke University awards a stipend to a graduating member of the senior class who is going on to law school. The student is selected by the faculty.


But Richard’s role as an educator extends beyond Duke. The Richard and Jane Lublin Scholarship awards a college scholarship each year to a Avon, CT high school senior.


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