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University of Connecticut's Medal of Honor

"The act of giving, multiplied many times, can advance research to new levels in our efforts to eliminate cancer.  We've seen what can happen when a great deal of money is given to battle a disease.  The AIDS virus was once a death sentence, but adequate funding allowed the medical profession to develop a treatment that allows patients to go on with their lives.  More progress needs to be made with the hundreds of types of cancer."
                                                                           - Richard Lublin

Richard and Jane Lublin are recipients of the University of Connecticut’s Medal of Honor — its highest award


In recognition of their extraordinary philanthropic activity, Richard and Jane Lublin were awarded the University of CT's Carole and Ray Neag Medal of Honor at UConn's Fifth Annual White Coat Gala, held on April 12, 2014 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT.


Recipients of the prestigious Medal of Honor award are chosen based on their dedication and activities in cancer research, education, public service and/or philanthropy. Nearly 1200 supporters attended the awards ceremony. University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst thanked Richard and Jane for recognizing that “hope and philanthropy go hand in hand.”


Richard and Jane Lublin are dedicated supporters in the fight against cancer. They have donated and helped raise millions of dollars to support cancer research and treatment initiatives at UConn Health. Richard and Jane have served as title sponsors of the White Coat Gala since its inception.


The Lublins have continually provided support to UConn Health through numerous other charity events and philanthropic endeavors. They sponsor the UConn Cancer Research Golf Tournament each year. In 2012, the couple made the first substantial philanthropic donation to support Bioscience Connecticut initiatives at the UConn Health Center. In recognition of Richard and Jane Lublin's generosity, the new waiting room of the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center is named in their honor.

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