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After retiring from a successful law practice, Richard went from playing background roles on popular television shows to on-camera parts in films, with actors such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Ethan Hawke and Albert Finney. Here’s a quick look at some of Richard Lublin's TV and film projects.


Professional Acting Experience, 1995-present



1995:  “Mall walker” on Married With Children. In his first role, Richard was walking back and forth in front of the store and looking in the window and Al (Ed O'Neil) came out to talk to him.


1996: Three scenes on  Unhappily Everafter.  In one scene, Richard was the center of  attraction. The camera focused on him as the featured part of the joke.  


1997: Emergency room doctor “Vincent Pellitier” on Chicago  Hope. Richard was in several scenes and was seen examining patients in the emergency room, writing on charts at the nurses' desk and performing other physician functions.“Cardiologist” on Chicago Hope. Richard was in two scenes,  viewing charts with other doctors and having lunch with them.   Richard also appeared as a “Trauma Surgeon” in several other episodes of  Chicago Hope.


1998: “Attorney” on The Practice.  Richard was an attorney in the bar, talking with other attorneys. Then he  played the court clerk sitting in front of the judge during the trial.  


“Attorney” on Ally McBeal. Richard appeared  in various courtroom scenes. 

1999: Featured role as a “Judge” on  Law and Order. Richard appeared in the big  courtroom scenes with Sam Waterson. 


2004:  Richard appeared on Frasier. Richard was in the coffee shop scenes with  his TV wife, chatting it up in the background. 


2009: “New York Fire Chief” on Rescue Me.  Richard had a role directing firefighters at an emergency  scene and appearing with series creator and star Dennis Leary, comedian Lenny Clark and Broadway/film/TV actor Jerry Adler.

2011: Richard Lublin landed a role in an episode of HBO's biggest new show for the fall 2011 called LUCK. It starred Dustin Hoffman, Nicke Nolte and Dennis Farina and is about the horse racing business. 


2008:  Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead. Richard played the role of a family friend in this Sydney Lumet film. He appeared in scenes with Albert Finney, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke.

2017:  The Land of Steady Habits. Richard appears in this film as a neighbor to the leading actor — Anders Hill (played by Ben Mendelsohn).
Richard appears in several dialogue scenes with the Mendelsohn.

Has Richard Lublin played a role on your favorite show?

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