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Richard Lublin Appointed to the Dean’s Advisory Board at the UConn School of Medicine

Richard Lublin was formally appointed as an inaugural member of the Dean’s Advisory Board at the UConn School of Medicine.

As part of the Board, Richard will assist the Dean in identifying and advancing the primary needs of the school for issues such as scholarship, research and faculty.

Richard brings over 20 years of experience and relevant knowledge to his new role: He has served on the cancer advisory board, much of Lublin’s philanthropic activity has been devoted to cancer and medical research, and his gifts have supported the work of leading clinician-scientists. Richard has helped raise nearly 13 million dollars for UConn.

He and his wife, Jane, have established research funds at several other cutting edge medical centers across the U.S., like Lahey Clinic in MA and Hartford Hospital in CT. The Lublins have also created educational scholarships for various institutions.

When Richard recently accepted the University of Connecticut’s highest award — the Medal of Honor, he said, "The act of giving, multiplied many times, can advance research to new levels in our efforts to eliminate cancer. We've seen what can happen when a great deal of money is given to battle a disease. The AIDS virus was once a death sentence, but adequate funding has allowed pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession to develop a treatment that allows patients to go on with their lives. More progress needs to be made with the hundreds of types of cancer."

This level of perspective and insight will help him serve the UConn School of Medicine to elevate their programs to the highest possible levels.

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